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Isle of Man

Scott number unknown

This unuusal release is actually a re-release of a set of 1998 Princess Di stamps. The stamps themselves are not really about AIDS although they are re-released on a souvenir sheet with AIDS text. In one stamp Princess Di is wearing some sort of red brooch that may or may not be a red ribbon. Even under a magnifying glass I can't tell if it is. Available with the souvenir sheet is a special commemorative folder with additional AIDS text. There's a lot of text, especially on the folder. But here are relevant excerpts.

From the s/s: Diana, Princess of Wales and the mother of Princes William and Harry, captured the hearts of the nation with her tireles devotiation to charity, particularly in relation to HIV/AIDS and hte fight against Land Mines.

From the folder: (same text as the s/s) ... Diana's Legacy, by Royal photographer Arthur Edwards MBE.... I was there when she removed the stigma of AIDS by embracing victims of this terrible virus.

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