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Scott 643

Note the male-male silouettes. Who'd have thought Bangladesh would be so hip?


Scott 939 and 941 (stamps), 941a (s/s)

For years the Scott catalog reported that other additional stamps in this set may exist. As of the 2011 catalog, they have removed this comment from their listings. Accordingly it does not appear that any other stamps in this series exist, and the missing 940 Scott # is simply a product of their search for another stamp. Interestingly, as of 2022 the Scott Catalog reports the value of the s/s at US $150.


Scott C1090-3

While not obviously AIDS-related, these stamps are part of the UPAEP's year 2000 theme on AIDS awareness. Honduras was late with their rather lackluster contribution to the effort though and released these stamps in 2001. Apparently the word "monogamous" on a stamp is sufficient to placate the UPAEP. A close look at the 2000 stamps will find the UPAEP logo on stamps from numerous Spanish-speaking countries along with much better examples of what an AIDS-awareness stamp should look like.

Although these stamps have 2000 printed on them, they were released February 16, 2001.


Scott 338


Scott 1257-60


Scott 1292

This stamp is from the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees set. Thanks to Bill from United Nations Philatelists' Topicals Listings for helping me track down the Scott number on this one. The stamp was designed as part of a United Nations Children's art competition.


Scott RA115

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