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Scott 1025


Scott 2419, 2419a

This stamp was released twice in 1994. The first time it was released with a stamp honoring Louis de Broglie's discovery in 1924 of the wavelength of the elementary particles lambda = h / m.vē. Whatever the heck that means. The second time was for World AIDS Day, at which time it was released with the tab seen here. The stamp in both releases is Scott 2419. The tab is Scott 2419a.


Scott RA56-60

RA56 is the top left, RA57 is the top right, RA58 is the bottom left, and RA59 is the bottom right. RA60 is either of the two larger souvenir sheets. It is available in both perforated and imperforated versions. RA60 is the same as RA57 but has a much higher valuation. It is available in both perforated and non-perforated versions.


Scott 700-1

I'm not sure of the Scott #'s on the block versions. I'll have to check on those next time I use a Scott guide.


Scott 949

According to the June 1995 issue of Der Spiegel, a German magazine, this stamp was actually quite controversial. Google Translate explains the story this way. It's not the best translation, but gives you an idea of the controversy.

Niki de Saint Phalle, 64, American-French artist learned for its smallest work very mixed reactions. As it three months ago on behalf of the Swiss Federal Post designed a new stamp, they were showered with angry protests: De Saint Phalle had painted in support of the anti-AIDS campaign, a stylized phallus with colorful rubber coating.

Customers who looked hurt their religious feelings, sent the stamps back to the post office, instigated others furiously in discussions at the counters: The brand urge to free sexuality, the recipients of their letters would not need such protection. Some moral guardians even threatened with legal action, but renounced it.

For now the infamous "Stop Aids" brand valued at 60 cents has become an absolute hit. Collectors and speculators are already a month before the official end to the hunt for the coveted piece, although not even known what the colorful phalluses will be even worth it - the federal Bundespost betrays traditionally only after the end of a campaign, the number of copies of their stamps.

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