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Scott 699-701


Scott 1054d

This stamp is available as both an imperforated stamp by itself on a sheet, and a perforated sheet. The imperforated sheets are supposed to be a limited printing, but are available so commonly on the Internet that I had my suspicions about their value. (A suspicion that was borne out by Scott's lack of interest in them. Presumably they're some sort of promo sheets given to dealers that cannot be used for postage.)

As of 2012 the folks at the Scott Catalog had not given this a number as they had not been able to examine the perforated stamp sheet. The imperforated version is not of interest to them and would not be given a numer. Ten years later I notice Scott must have finally found a sheet to examine, as they've given this a number. The Luc Montagnier stamp is 1054d, while the sheet as a whole is 1054a-d.


Scott 4310

South Africa

Scott 1107-8

I am not sure if the stamps were sold outside of this booklet of 10. The booklet is Scott #1108a.

Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of

No Scott number

This stamp was an obligatory postal tax stamp used between June 1 and July 30. This stamp was printed in large sheets, in which the 94th stamp had a minor printing error on the left side of the left heart (I've seen a pic and it's really not very impressive). As a result the stamp was reprinted on a different paper. So technically there are two version of this stamp depending on the paper used. That's more of a distinction than most collectors of this stamp will need to know, so either stamp will probably do for your collection.

It should also be notied that although Serbia was part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslovia in 1999, it was semi-autonomous and released a number of its own stamps. Hence why this stamp says Serbia on it. Because the stamp was only used in the region of Serbia rather than nationwide, it is not eligible for a Scott catalog number.

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