These are the stamps that my collection is missing. I am looking to buy or trade for any of the following in mint, never hinged condition. If you've got one of these stamps, let me know and I'll pull out my collection and start trading interesting stuff your way.


Scott 941a

I am looking for the souvenir sheet only, and not detached versions of the stamps in the middle..


Scott 3321

I am looking for full eight-stamp sheet and not the individual stamp.


Scott 1054d

I am looking for a mint and perforated version of the the Luc Montagnier stamp. It doesn't matter if it's part of the 4-stamp sheet or if it's been cut out into an individual stamp.


Scott 1125-6, 1129-30

I am looking for mint, never-used versions of these two these stamps in 195F and 385F valuations. I have mint versions of the 225F stamps already.