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Bosnia-Herzegovina (Muslim/Sarajevo)

No Scott number

This is a semi-postal stamp from one of the three official postal agencies of Bosnia-Herzegovina. There is an interesting cinderella stamp attached to this release as well. The M&M catalog (a specialized catalog for this region of the world) indicated this stamp had a print run of only 50,000 stamps. The stamp was in use from May 8-15, 2002.

According to Google translate, the writing on the stamp reads, "The truth about SIDI, upload further." (Upload further? Methinks Google translate needs was a bit off on that one. "Learn more", perhaps?)

I brought this stamp and its 2003 cinderella version to the attention of the Scott Catalog. Their response read: The Bosnia & Herzegovina items in scans #3-4 would not be listable because they are only charity stamps. We list obligatory postal stamps used nationwide, but the use of these stamps on mail was not obligatory.


Scott 1125-30

These are the rarest AIDS stamps in the world. Even purchasing them in used condition is exceedingly difficult.

Although the stamps say 2001 on them, they were released January 10, 2002.


Scott 1002-5

The circular stamp was re-released in 2006 with an overprint of a new postge cost.

Trinida & Tobago

Scott 661

This is from a four stamp set celebrating the Pan-American Health Organization's centennial anniversary. If you look at the yellow "splotch" in the upper-right area, you will see a small red ribbon inside it. Too small to be seen in this picture is the word "AIDS" as well.

Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of

No Scott number

This is an obligatory postal tax stamp that was used between December 1 and 31. The print run for this stamp was 500,000 stamps. Although Serbia was part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslovia in 2002, it was semi-autonomous and released a number of its own stamps. Because the stamp was only used in the region of Serbia rather than nationwide, it is not eligible for a Scott catalog number.

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