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Scott 1312


Scott 718


Scott 2259c

Lise Thiry helped develop a system of tracking and screening the AIDS virus.

An AIDS on Stamps user was kind enough to submit this article about Dr. Thiry.

British Virgin Islands



Scott 2322-6

These stamps say "National and Asia Pacific Leadership Forum Champion". The APLF is an organization dedicated to fighting AIDS in Asia.



Papua New Guinea

Scott 1260


Scott 3111-2

This is a sheet of stamps to promote their participation in the United Nation's Millenium Development Goals. Although there is nothing directly AIDS-related on the stamps, one of the goals refers to controlling AIDS, malaria, and other infectuous deiseases. The symbol and explanatory text for this goal is present in the center of the sheet.


Scott number unknown

These labels appear to be both machine-vended in fixed amounts as well as computer-generated when weighing in a letter. If anyone has any more scans of additional values, please send 'em my way. So far I have confirmed pre-printed values of 0.30, 0.48, 0.52, 0.60, and 0.75. The stamps with large amounts of text appear to be printed to a wide variety of non-pre-set values.

The postmark below, although hard to read, suggests the stamp was released in 2006. If I confirm the release date is in 2006 then I'll move it to the correct page.


Scott RA13

This is an obligatory postal tax stamp that was used between November 1 and 30. The print run for this stamp was one million stamps.


Scott 2479-84

Tanzania released a set of four individual stamps and two souvenir sheets about World AIDS Day and the World AIDS Campaign.

In spite of my earlier suspicions about these stamps it turns out they're legal. You can find 'em on the Tanzanian postal website in their 2007 issues. (The stamps say World AIDS Day 2006 but weren't released until July of 2007).

Scott #'s 2479-82 go with the four individual stamps. 2483a-d refer to the souvenier sheet with the four stamps. 2484 refers to the souvenier sheet with one stamp.

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