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Scott 1852

The event for which this commemorates was in 2011, but according to the Scott catalog this stamp was released on January 3, 2012. The stamp itself features 2011 in print, but the first day cover clearly indicates it was released in 2012.

South Africa

Scott 1481

The description of this stamp in Linn's Stamp News reads...

"Academic Health Sciences 100th Anniversary, souvenir sheet with se-tenant pair of nondenominated standard postage stamps with a continuous design, mosaic by Lovell Friedman, with Xolani Badli, Sibongile Memani, Mbuyiseli Somdaka, and Sandi Mdekazi, representing Nondumiso Hlwele's story about antiretroviral therapy for HIV/AIDS, from old entrance of the faculty of health sciences library at the University of Cape Town. Offset, Enscede; 50,000 sets."

Wanting to know more, I researched
Nondumiso Hlwele. I learned she is a South African woman diagnosed with HIV at the age of 26. She received medical assistance through a local AIDS project, and later shifted her time and attention toward projects that celebrate life and tell stories about people with HIV. She drew a body map as an art project for one of these programs, which was later turned into a mosaic representation on the wall of the Health Sciences Library. That mosaic was in turn pictured on this stamp.

Although the stamp itself does not mention the word AIDS, it does contain abstract representations of the AIDS virus. You can see some of them on the souvenir sheet. The virus is pictured as blue dots on the the body map / mosaic / stamp. Anti-retrovirals are represented as the red circles devouring them. Her blood is represented as white streams coursing through her body.

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