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Scott 3321

The below sheet is surprisingly expensive. The lowest I have ever seen it for is about $15-20, and one site is selling it for a whopping $150! If anyone can translate the text in the central I'd love to know what it says. I do not know the Scott number for the bottom sheet (if there is a unique number for it).


Scott 3761


Scott 751-2, 752a

Scott 752a is the souvenir sheet with both stamps.


Scott 1395-8

These are among the rarest AIDS stamps in the world, although starting in mid-2011 they became much mnore common on the Internet. My guess is that an enterprising Rwandan learned there was a significant demand for these stamps and began selling them to outside dealers.

St. Vincent (Union Island)

Scott 269b

Part of a larger souvenir sheet. The whole sheet is worth about $6.

Trinidad & Tobago

Scott 699-702

Scott 703 - Souvenir sheet

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