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1988 is the first year in which AIDS was featured on stamps. Most of the stamps released this year celebrate the first World AIDS Day on December 1, 1988.


Scott 761-3

This is an overprint of an earlier set of stamps.


Scott 1234-7

This is an overprint on an earlier stamp release.


Scott 1984-8

Scott 1984 refers to the top row of stamps. Scott 1985 is the middle row. Scott 1986-8 is the bottom three stamps left to right. They are all overprints on three old stamps, Scott 288, 289, and 289a. Observant viewers will notice that while the three overprints on the bottom ones are all the same, the overprints vary a bit on the top two rows.

These stamps are actually worth a bit too. The two rows are worth $18.50 each according to the 2009 Scott Guide. The bottom three are worth $12, $14, and $16 respectively.


Scott 1307-8

This is an overprint of an earlier set of stamps.

San Marino

Scott 1162-5

San Marino released the first stamps about AIDS on September 19, 1988.


Scott 622


Scott 1911

One of the uglier stamps I have seen. It does bring to mind the difference between countries and their attitudes toward stamps. The idea here was to shock the viewer into reading the text. The USA, on the other hand, released only a single red ribbon design that was designed more around AIDS awareness rather than a message to stop AIDS. Even that was considered controversial, although in part financial after the flop of a 1981 stamp on alcoholism.

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