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Malagasy Republic (Madagascar)

Scott 1059


Scott number unknown

This is an overprint of a 1989 stamp that was originally in the middle of a souvenir sheet. The significant increase in value (10,000z vs 150z) reflects the rampant inflation in Zaire at the time. The value is 10,000 as well, not 10,000,000. According to Wikipedia's page on the Zairean zaire, the currency is unusual in that it writes three zeros after the decimal instead of the usual two. Zaire released a mess of overprints around this time, of which this was the only AIDS-related one. The Scott Guide is uncertain whether this is a valid stamp or not. Read their page about both the original stamp and the overprint version. Interestingly, this overprint has been spotted on at least one occasion as printed upside-down.

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