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Scott 2013

Lifeball is a large fundraiser for AIDS research/awareness/support thrown each year.


To the best of my knowledge the 2005 Iran AIDS stamp does not exist.

This stamp has been widely written about on the web, but the Iranian postal service does not list it. No Iranian dealer carries it. No worldwide or topical dealer has ever carried it. I have never seen it on Ebay or Delcampe. The 2009 Scott Guide does not list it. I have never met a collector with this stamp. No one has been able to provide a picture of it. Unless future evidence of this stamp is brought to light, it can safely be considered nonexistant.


Scott B746

The words "Stop AIDS Now" appear in the margin of this sheet of Christmas stamps. The scott number refers to the entire sheet.

Papua New Guinea

Scott 1164

St. Kitts

Scott 806-8 - souvenir sheet

Serbia and Montenegro

No Scott number

This is an obligatory postal tax stamp that was used between November 14 and December 10. The print run for this stamp was 1,800,000 stamps. Although Serbia was part of the Serbia and Montenegro in 2005, it was semi-autonomous and released a number of its own stamps. Because the stamp was only used in the region of Serbia rather than nationwide, it is not eligible for a Scott catalog number.


Scott 824, 828, ??

I do not yet know the Scott # of the Yemen souvenier sheet. It contains a small AIDS ribbon in the lower-left part of the 0 in 60.

Zaire (as Democratic Republic of Congo)

Scott 2225-30 and s/s 351-2

The Scott Guide lists DR Congo stamps under Zaire, as political instability remains high and name changes are frequent (at least five since 1960).

According to a letter I received from the Scott Catalog, these stamps cannot be given numbers because of the glut of possibly-illegal issues that occurred between 2002-2005. This is made more difficult because the Congolese postal authorities have not responded to Scott's queries. Only once the Congolese postal service provides Scott information on what is legal and what is not can these be formally catalogued. Scott tentatively believes these are legal issues however.

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