For sale/trade

These are stamps I have available for sale or trade. All are in mint, never-hinged condition unless otherwise noted. These scans are pictures of the stamps, but not necessarily scans of the exact ones in my collection.


Scott 437

Bosnia-Herzegovnia (Muslim/Sarajevo), 2001?, 2002

Scott number unknown

It should be noted that the 0.50KM stamp is a cinderella stamp, in that it was used for non-postal tax usage. The 0.20KM stamp was used as a postal stamp.

Costa Rica

Scott B36-7


Scott 895


Scott value as yet unassigned.

Ivory Coast

Scott B36-7

Sadly, the trangular stamp is damaged. I accidentally ripped it about halfway from bottom to top while opening the envelope. It did not rip all the way across and is not in danger of falling apart, but the stamp is definitely damaged.


Scott 2401


Scott 559-62


Scott RA76, RA89, RA122, RA130, RA138


Scott 751-2

These are not in the souvenir sheet. Just the stamps.

North Korea

Scott 4233

Solomon Islands

Scott B4


Scott 1233

Turkish Cyprus

Scott 313

Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of

Scott numbers unknown