Postal stationery - postcards

Many postal services released "official" postcards, usually pre-stamped, with a logo to promote a specific event or cause. Not to be confused with First Day Covers, these envelopes are not tied to a specific stamp.

Please e-mail me with pictures and information of any additional pre-stamped postcards you have. Postal stationery in envelope form can be found on the envelope page.


This postcard from Portugal is dated June 26, 1989.


This postcard from Portugal is dated December 1, 2012.


This postcards are from Romania, postmarked December 1, 2011.

The below one may actually be an envelope of some sort. The top and bottom ones clearly indicate they are postcards, while this one does not. The postage is the same though so I am unsure.


This is a postcard from Russia. The dealer reports the release date was July 29, 1996.


I am unsure when this postcard was released.